Professional Services

Life By Design Coaching Network Is A Network Of Professional Coaches And Mental Health Specialists With Extensive Experience In Their Respected Fields And Services Provided.


business coaching

Business Coaching

Business Coaches Are Typically Experienced Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Themselves Whom Have Decided To Use Their Talents/Skills For Building And Growing Businesses. In Particular, Those Who Are Committed To Helping Other Business Owners Reach Their Ultimate Business Goals. 

Our Business Coaches Serve As Both Trainers And Mentors, Training You In The Skills You Need To Be Successful In Your Business And Serving As A Source Of Information. Should You Ever Have Any Questions About What You Should Do In Business Or With Your Business(S), Our Consultants Are Amongst The Best Of Advisors. Much Like Any Other Coach, Business Coaches Work To Refine Your Talents, Skills And Assist You With Reaching Your Overall Goals.

Business Coaches Help You Write Business Proposals, Create, And Organize Your Business Entity And Help You Establish Business Credit. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Usually Takes Place In Organizational Settings For Leaders And Teams That Want To 

⦁ Learn Additional Skills! 
⦁ Improve Performance At Work. 
⦁ Prepare For Advancement In Professional Life. 
⦁ Improve Alignment With Organizational Changes And Overall Purpose.


Life Coaching

Life Coaches Integrate A Variety Of Disciplines Into Their Approach Towards Collaborating With Clients. Some Of These Areas Include Philosophy, Positive Psychology, Change And Systems Theories, Transformational Presence, Contemporary Neuroscience, And Adult Learning Theory.  

Some Of The Challenges That Bring Clients To Life Coaching Include Career Advancement Or Transition, Balancing Multiple Responsibilities, And Fulfilling Long-Held Dreams. To Accommodate Busy Clients’ Schedules, Life Coaching Usually Takes Place By Telephone.

A Great Life Coach Primary Approach Is Keen Listening, Powerful Questioning, Reflection Techniques, And Self-Assessments. These Are Amongst The Leading Tools Used To Be Most Effective With Clients. Transformational And Trauma Coaching Is Also A Part Of Our Mental Health Coaching Program. 

Networking And Coaching

Motivational Speakers

Motivational Speakers Are Business Professionals In Their Field Who Inspire And Motivate Others To Be The Best Version Of Themselves. A Motivational Speaker’s Job Is To Deliver A Speech That Inspires And Motivates Others To Reach A Goal Or Become Successful In Their Field. LBD/Life By Design Has Professionals In Many Different Fields Who Are Available To Speak At Your Upcoming Event.  

Mental Health Professionals In LBD’s Network Include Psychiatrist, Psychologist And Licensed Therapist. 



A Psychiatrist Is A Medical Doctor Who Specializes In Treating Disorders In The Mental Health Field. Psychiatrists Prescribe Medication And Perform Procedures. 



A Psychologist Is A Professional Who Practices Psychology And Studies Your Mental State, Perceptual, Cognitive, Emotional, And Social Processes, And Behavior. Their Work Often Involves Experimentation, Observation, And Testing. 



A Therapist Is A Person Who Provides Treatment And Rehabilitation Often Utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy And Mindfulness. LBD Has A Network Of Therapist Trained Is Specific Areas Such As Marriage And Family Therapy, Play Therapy Or Working Primarily With Teenagers.  

Mental Health Issues Have Become More Widespread Than Ever Before And We Must Begin Taking These Issues A Lot More Seriously. Most Of The World Is Traumatized In Some Way, Shape Or Form, And Most People Are Afraid To Say That They Need Help. Thus, They Act As If Nothing Is Wrong, But We Clearly We See That There Is A Lot That Is Wrong In The Current Societies Of Which We Live.

However, We Are Here To Help Not Judge. In Our View, There Are A Number Of Dysphoria’s Plaguing Our Societies. Two Of The Most Prominent Ones Are Gender Dysphoria And Resistance Sensitivity Dysphoria. Many Of Our People Are Suffering From These Dysphoria’s’ And Why These Two In Particular Are So Important Is They Have A Genetic Connection.

This Simply Means That It Can Be Passed On From One Generation To The Next. An Example Of This Would Be: A Person With “ADHD” Can Pass It On To Their Children Without Even Being Aware Of It. So, Getting To The Root And The Source Of The Problem Is Essential For Us.